Blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption in the African continent as it stands is nothing to write home about. In more clearer terms, it has been rather appalling that the governments of black nations are not finding this innovation to be significant to the economic growth they so supposedly crave in their economies.

However, the weather these governments agree with it or not, the fact remains that the most recent innovation is helping in the fight to reduce the compounding issues involved in everyday financial activities locally and internationally. Topping the list is issues like ridiculously exorbitant fees from financial institutions, trust in executing transactions, time taken to complete each transaction among others.

More so, in addition to these vital benefits, the recent level of participation of the African community in both speculation and trading of digital assets can be said to be off the hooks! In fact, according to Coingeek, it seems to far outweigh transactional use of cryptocurrency.

Amidst being the continent with the record for the most under-banked according to World Bank, Africa has been identified to be quite left behind in major breaks when it comes to innovations around Technology and Economic Policies in general. Because of this, Africa is supposedly recording more interest in the crypto space. Companies such as Dash, Yellowcard, kurepay and have been standout successes, making use of cryptocurrencies to give their users seamless financial services platforms.

However, it would interest you to know that in line with the promise of the innovation, a lot of Africans have resulted to diversifying their investments by holding crypto assets in speculation of the possible increase in price in the nearest future and also for live trading purposes. These activities are believed to be what keeps the industry significantly relevant among other reasons.

Going forward, Africa has to be ready to take the next step in actively participating in this blockchain innovation, particularly in the creation of value around the industry. This is one practice we must imbibe as a continent in the struggle to drive Adoption and integration into our Economy. Ruth Iselema CEO Bitmama

Bitmama is hell bent on being one of those millennial products that will bring global recognition to the continent in the areas of swift financial remittance of digital asset and crypto-currency using the Blockchain. Bitmama is doing this by integrating rapidly sought after solutions in areas of financial services. The exchange currently is breaking bounds in Western Africa- starting in Nigeria and spreading into Ghana.

At Bimama, we are very insistent on customer satisfaction and protection and at the same time, we comply with the regulatory bodies in the jurisdiction wherein we operate. Check out our Policy Statement and T&C.

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