Foam to Build Out Decentralized Mapping Platform Using Token Grants

Foam is seeking out Token grants in her plans to accomplish milestones such as Consistently engaging her community, via the use of her token- this hopes to be more than just speculation.

In 2018, Foam inspired a $16.5 million token sale and has since launched a token-curated registry (TCR) with around 140 monthly participants and a massive 500 user contribution to its open source map.

Foam's plans include the use of an approach that picks up data in a similar manner as Google Maps and adds features for distributed storage and "Proof of location" to make data more reliable. Many Parastatals which are particularly in supply chain management and public services, some of which are Police and Fire departments, this is so because most times they experience malfunction when especially when connection issues disrupt network flows.

Beginning yesterday, Ryan John CEO at Foam mentioned that Foam will also offer token grants worth $15,000, stating that it would depend on the proposal while also adding that its developers would contribute to the mapping and data system. In his statement, he pointed out that 3 million tokens amounting to 10 percent of the available token supply had been budgeted to fund community initiatives such as grants.

We’re now seeing a lot more community-led initiatives and tools,” King said. “It’s open source and the stakeholders are going to be the ones driving it going forward.

To mention but a few examples, Coleman Moore a supply chain management expert led the first Foam Community Proposal call with roughly 20 participants and already is about to secure a followup call.
So he believes an open source tool with economic incentives to keep the data clean, via the TCR, offers an attractive alternative.

Asides the incentives, Foam uses a blockchain in a bid to add value using a decentralized network server in binding everything thing on the internet together. - Moore

In a statement of emphasis on Moore's point about incentives, Microsoft Engineer Cody Born provides support for Foam scavenger hunt using Microsoft tools. Stating his interests in blockchain, incentivization, and TCRs to be his primary purpose of engaging in the Foam community.

Remarkably, the Foam token price has remained stable for the first quarter of 2019, at close to $0.03. some of the reason for this steady trend is cos holders are rather staking the coin in the form of voting for quality data related or contribution to the map than trading it.

Summarily, Moore optimistically hinted that Foam is sure to reach the heights if community engagement is maintained and improved. he calls is a combination of cartography with gaming and finance.