Frequently Asked Questions

Bitmama Team has prepared a list of possible questions to help new users interact directly with the platform seamlessly and without the help of third party.

How long does it take to get my Bitcoins after I have paid  Bitmama?

Bitmama will send your digital currency  immediately after confirming your payment and wallet address. The process should take a minimum of 2 seconds and a maximum of 24 hours.

Can I purchase Bitcoin with the use of a credit card?    

Yes, you you can. So long as it’s a Visa or MasterCard read on how to buy bitcoins with your card!

Is my BVN safe with Bitmama?

To provide better service to our Nigerian customers it is required that all our Nigerian customers provide us with their BVN when buying cryptocurrency.

Your BVN will help us protect you from identity theft as well as verification. You should know that Bitmama will NOT be able to access your bank account details through your BVN. Bitmama will also not share this information with third parties.

Which virtual currencies are available to purchase?  

We currently sell Bitcoin. We are working on adding more cryptocurrencies. Some of which are Ethererum, EOS Dash and Stellar.

Is Bitmama a wallet service?

Bitmama is not a wallet service but you can store your coins and deposit to sell your coins.

Does Bitmama retain my credit card details?

No, Bitmama does not retain your credit/debit card details.

How do you secure my data?

All the personal details and documents of Bitmama's customers are encrypted, and their credit card details are not stored anywhere on our website or servers.

What methods of payment does Bitmama offer?

Bitmama currently offers you the option of purchasing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with a credit card, debit card or by bank transfer.

What are the fees?

Bitmama fees are listed here.  

What currencies does Bitmama accept?    

Bitmama currently accepts Naira. Also, the pricing will be displayed in Naira. We will however be adding more currencies soon.

Does Bitmama facilitate trades between buyers and sellers?

No. Every transaction on Bitmama will be between you and Bitmama.

Can I sell bitcoins on Bitmama?          

Yes, you can. Simply refer to our post in the article section to know how to trade your coins for fiat and vice versa.