Nike Initiates Trademark Process For "Cryptokicks"-It's Proposed Digital Asset.

Interesting news continue to storm us as we gather feeds on adoption of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency by large brands in major brands in Europe.

One of these very exciting adopters of the fast rising Blockchain Technology is the internationally celebrated Footwear company Nike. Reports suggests that the multi million dollar company had recently filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to trademark a brand name which would later serve as the company's digital asset in the nearest future.

In the application, a lot of features are covered for the blockchain community. some of the areas covered are provision for crypto wallets and downloadable mobile applications for providing access to crypto collectibles, crypto art and application tokens- alongside operating an online marketplace featuring footwear and clothing.

In this very comprehensive document, the company has made its plans for providing a digital currency or token for use by members of an online community. More fascinating news is that judging from its plans, in no distant time, it would be activating its electronic payment systems built around its digital asset.

Just Do It!

Nike intends to secure Cryptokicks also as an online for its blog which will serve its community with crypto news update and update the commmunity in areas of collectibles. Nike also seeks to Integrate offer computer games such as scavenger hunts, Treasure hunts and Obstacle courses.

In analyzing the filing on twitter, Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney in the U.S. said;

This appears to be a filing for a brand of a cryptocurrency... This is trademark speech for "this is a cryptocurrency called Cryptokicks."

He further revealed that Nike intends to use the trademarked name soonest due to the basis in which the application was filed. In his terms the "1B" basis of the application shows that the project could kick start in the nearest future.

In other words, this filing  means that in Thirty days, the public or rival businesses would be able to mount an objection.

Well, it is most likely not going to be the case as Nike has been massively committed to building its digital asset platform- giving prior attention to setting up its mobile app and social media strategy. Its no wonder her digital commerce is valued at $2 Billion.