Square Records $65.5 Million Bitcoin Revenue in Just First Quarter.

In a recent quarterly report on earnings, prepared by Square, a Payments firms founded by Jack Dorsey, Co-founder at Twitter, the firms seemed to have recorded its highest bitcoin sales through its cash app.

A whopping $65.5 million in bitcoin income for the first quarter of the year of this year 2019. Given the costs of bitcoin on the platform at $64.7 million, it means the company turned in a bitcoin profit of $832,000.This invariably means that with the about, Square had made its most profit ever over a four-month period.

In 2018, towards the last quarter, Square raked in $52.4 million in bitcoin revenue with a corresponding $490,000 in profits. This is a good sign for the company as it has realized about 39.4% of its total trading amount in the previous year which amounted to $166 million in bitcoin sales. This exceeds expectations nursed around the ecosystem even with the steady boom in these past few weeks.

In the report, overall transactions of all products in the various niches for Square in this first quarter was over $656 million.

Its jurisdiction as it stands is within the 50 states in the United States of America.

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Picture by : Crypto Insider