Bitcoin is gradually becoming a household name within Nigeria, every day more Nigerians adopt the use of digital currencies. However, there's the big question, people often ask"where can I buy bitcoin?"

To an average Nigerian buying bitcoin is for the tech-savvy alone. This is a wrong assumption because anybody can buy bitcoin; all you need is a mobile device or PC. This article contains a list of 11 exchanges to buy bitcoin in Nigeria.

Luno comes first on this list because of its popularity; it is operational in about 40 countries, including Nigeria. It has an easy to use mobile app, so at the comfort of your home, no matter where you are in Nigeria, you can buy, sell and pay with Bitcoin. Payment methods include Bank deposit, PayStack, GT Bank transfer and a Card deposit.

If you need a peer-to-peer marketplace where bitcoin and other digital currency are sold directly between users, try LocalBitcoin. Using this exchange is easy, and finding Nigerians on wouldn't be a problem. All you have to do is; search for a trade advertisement close to you and meet a suitable seller.

Just like the name implies, this exchange is explicitly designed to make buying bitcoin easy for Nigerians. Transactions are done directly, this will help reduce the chances of fraud.


Quidax is another exchange that suits the Nigerian bitcoin market perfectly, it is simple and easy to use features makes buying and selling of Bitcoin easy for Nigerians.


At a time when cross border transaction was still tender, Bitpesa was born. BitPesa is easy to use, especially those who live in Nigeria and Kenya, all you need to buy Bitcoin is a debit card or a Paga account.


This exchange is indigenous to Nigeria; its headquarters is in Lagos, this means Nigerians are the primary benefactors. Users of Bitkoin.Africa can buy and sell to other users using the P2P model.


Mycelium provides an excellent way of buying Bitcoin; the platform helps users meet up with other sellers and transact face to face without any hidden charge. However the efficiency of the platform is determine by your location density; if you stay in Lagos it's easier to find buyers compared to less dense states.


Paxful is a peer-to-peer exchange for buying and selling bitcoin, what makes it standout is its over 300 payments method. This means, there are 300 ways to buy bitcoin. There’s always a payment method that suits you.


This is a global platform for buying bitcoin; it can be accessed by nearly every country, including Nigeria. To buy bitcoin, you'll need another cryptocurrency to aid the exchange.


Searching for a peer-to-peer exchange in Nigeria, then Remitano is your best shot. It boasts of security and quality customer service. If you want to buy bitcoin from a P2P exchange, Remitano would be a great choice.


If you are looking for a platform to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with ease, then Bitmama is your go-to. The platform is the first female-owned cryptocurrency platform in Nigeria. Asides affording you the oppourtunity of buying Bitcoins, Bitmama also allow you trade your bitcoin against the USD.


When it comes to cryptocurrency, Nigeria is among the top buyers of bitcoin in Africa. It isn’t surprising to see a number of platform supporting the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency. Although the country is still sitting on the fence when it comes to cryptocurrency, these are 11 exchanges to buy bitcoin in Nigeria.