Hello and Welcome to Bitmama Blog

Bitmama.io exchange platform is excited and privileged to be  your choice asset exchange platform.

Bitmama.io is the leading cryptocurrency exchanged platform that converts bitcoin directly to fiat and sends the bitcoin equivalent to your bank account.
This leading exchange, offers the best possible transactions fees in the Nigerian market.

Providing Safety, Speed, and Convenience

This locally used exchange enables users to rapidly and safely purchase cryptocurrencies (BTC) without the hassles typically associated with purchasing through other centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Unlike a traditional exchange, you don't need to maintain a balance on our site. Instead, you simply send in the desired amount of cryptocurrency you wish to trade, and we transfer to your wallet an equivalent amount of the cryptocurrency you are buying. This protects you from possible losses that can occur when you hold your cryptocurrency on a exchange that is vulnerable to attacks by hackers.

Purchases can also be made very rapidly (transaction speed on our platfom is just over a few seconds) and large purchases do not tend to move market prices the way they do when placing an order on a centralized exchange.

So mainly, bitmama buys from you and sells back to you with a record time track of 5-10 seconds.

Our Price

Our market engine scans across many market paths over a number of different cryptocurrency exchanges to find the best price for purchasing bitcoin and in turn, delivers the your order in BTC or Fiat directly to your account.

Please note that our web site currently only shows a dynamically changing rate for BTC conversions, so the more delay between when you get a quote from our site and when you send in your payment, the greater the chance for a variation in the purchase price for your order.