We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Cryptotvplus and Bitmama. After a long meeting on Monday February 9th 2019, both companies resolved to join forces. This  partnership is to promote blockchain-awareness in Africa. This resolution came in a bid to grow the ecosystem and promote adoption.

Bitmama is an exchange that enables users to create their own wallets and purchase cryptocurrencies simply by connecting their wallets with their Bank Accounts, Credit or Debit cards, and mobile money accounts. All users have to do is input their bank verification number BVN to synchronize their account with the platform and guess what? The rest is history.

Bitmama, having just recently taken part in last year’s GreenHouse lab “Demochella” Event where she pitched her product and remains one of the top 5 projects to be given start-up attention.

In areas of security and verification, customers have the option of safe guarding their funds using Two-factor authentication. This is possible with third-party apps like Google Authenticator and Authy. For more information on the working modalities on the platform, read Ctv+'s post.

Partnership in the space has not come as a shock. Bitmama.io is hoping to be able to send out updates and press releases on as many media channels as possible and we hope that this is the first of many to come.

As you may already be aware, bitmama seeks to keep her community synced with the latest news and Information on cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology in Africa and beyond.

Thus, we hope to achieve this with synergy between Bitmama.io and the leading cryptocurrency news platform in Africa.
Ruth Iselema- CEO Bitmama.io