Gradually electronic currencies are gaining grounds as an alternative to Fiat, just like Perfect Money, other electronic currencies are being used daily for numerous financial transactions, however Perfect Money is the most popularly used in Nigeria. The question most people seek answer to is ‘where can I buy and sell Perfect Money in Nigeria?’

What is Perfect Money?

Perfect money is just like the regular currency, it can be used for buying and selling of both goods and services.  With Perfect Money, all the transactions are done electronically, and it carries the traditional banking model.

With Perfect Money, you can seamlessly convert your funds into electronic currency; it has many other advantages like, security (arguably), privacy and it is not limited by boundaries

Benefits of Using Perfect Money

Well, like every other electronic money, Perfect Money offers one of the most convenient ways for the transmitting and receiving of money. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can transact, no border limitations, or restrictions, unlike PayPal that places limitation  in countries like Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, Burna etc.

How to Open Perfect Money Account in Nigeria

Getting a perfect money account in Nigeria is very easy, all you have to do is, visit their website and follow the easy instructions to register.  Go through the terms and conditions and click on the “sign up” option, provide accurate profile information. When you are done, you’ll are advised to go over the terms and rules for using the platform to avoid unnecessary legal battle.

Buy Perfect Money in Nigeria

Despite the popularity of Paypal, it is useless to Nigerians, because its usage in Nigeria has limitations, you can only send money, but you cannot receive. This restriction has helped perfect money gain popularity. Buying perfect money is easy; for a start you can find perfect money exchangers within the country. This is the easiest way of funding your perfect money account since you’ll be paying directly to the local exchanger via bank, deposit, transfer, and cash payments.

Sell Perfect Money in Nigeria

Converting from perfect money back to cash undergo exactly the same process as buying. It’s easy, you transfer your digital currency to an exchanger in Nigeria, and they would pay you either through bank transfer or cash. However, transferring from Perfect Money back to cash has more risk because payments with Perfect Money are irreversible.

How to get a credible exchanger

To avoid fraud, you have to be very careful when choosing an exchanger, with Google search you can get connected to a couple of Perfect Money exchangers. However you have to first do a background check on the exchange company. Asks questions like; do the company have a physical address? How long have they been doing business? Are they registered? How active is their customer service? And how credible is their website?


For Nigerians perfect money is the most available digital currency option, it makes buying and selling very easy, especially those who trade on the international scene and places where traditional banking system is limited. Despite its numerous benefits you have to cautious when using Perfect Money because its transactions are mostly irreversible and the platform is not regulated by any government policy.

On the other hand, if you will consider using cryptocurrency, the right place to get them in Nigeria would be Bitmama. The platform is easy to use and you do not need to go through a lot of legal hurdles to buy Bitcoin.