Bitcoin is a gateway to many opportunities; you can earn more Bitcoin using Bitcoin, you can also buy and sell goods and services using Bitcoin, so, there different reasons why people buy Bitcoin.  Over the years, the purchase Bitcoin has grown beyond just Exchanges and Independent Bitcoin sellers; you can now buy Bitcoin directly from your credit or debit cards, without the usual complex verification processes.

Exchanges now adopt the use of credit/debit cards for purchasing Bitcoin. However, as a Nigerian, you can’t just buy Bitcoin using credit/debit card from any exchange, because not all exchanges accept the use of the Naira credit cards. This article contains four exchanges and steps on how Nigerians can use the Naira credit/debit card to buy Bitcoin.

Exchanges That Allows Nigerian Credit/Debit Card


This cryptocurrency exchange supports buying of Bitcoin directly with a Nigerian credit/debit card. It also serves As a Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet, its operation is in about 44 countries including Nigeria, surprisingly Luno second highest market volume is Nigeria  just behind South Africa.  Luno supports PayU and Paystack for processing payment. For every instant transaction, there is a fixed 2% charge, however if you use Luno exchange, you’ll be charged between 0.25% and 1%.


Binance is a popular exchange in Nigeria, since its launch in 2017, Binance have grown steadily to become one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It has a massive trade volume both within Nigeria and globally. It also has one of the lowest trading fees, just between 0.1% and 0.5% if you are paying with BNB. Binance supports different payment methods, including credit/debit card. Recently, Binance launched its Naira platform for its Nigerian users making purchase of Bitcoin with Naira easy.


This is another exchange that allows Nigerians buy Bitcoin directly with their credit/credit cards, barely a year old, the cryptocurrency exchange already ranks second in Nigeria based on trade volume.


This is a good place to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria, because it is a Nigerian exchange, its headquarters is in Lagos, and it allows users buy Bitcoin almost instantly. It is mobile friendly and easy to use, allowing users buy Bitcoin easily with their credit/debit card. On the downside, Buycoin charge 4% as transaction fees.


If you are searching for a convenient platform to buy bitcoin in Nigeria with your credit card, the Bitmama is just for you. The user friendly platform offers its users instant purchase of bitcoin on its platform. Asides bitcoin, users can also purchase etherum and even trade their bitcoin against the USD.

Steps on How to Buy Bitcoin Using Credit Card in Nigeria

Create an Account

After you have chosen an exchange, create an account with the exchange, follow all the registration process, ensure your details are correct, and then verify the account.

Fund your Wallet

After you have created an account with an exchange of your choice, you’ll need to fund the account using your credit card. This process is usually simple; all they have to do is carefully follow the instructions provided by the exchange.

Buy Bitcoin with your Funded Wallet

From your funded wallet you can buy Bitcoin directly, you will be given two options, it’s either you buy from the exchange or you use the instant buy/sell option.

It’s no longer an uphill task to buy Bitcoin within Nigeria, with your credit/debit card and at the comfort of your home; you can now buy and sell Bitcoin. So, the next time you consider buying Bitcoin with your credit card in Nigeria, you know where to go.