Bitmama referral system makes it possible for all users to earn bitcoins on the platform. Earning is also for Life. It is quite simple; sign up, build a network of users, help them begin trading on the platform and earn rewards for life on all trades from your team.

This is a system that sells itself. It is a structure that has been tested and proven to be a source of passive income for bitmama users in Nigeria.

Bitmama makes it in very easy to navigate the trading interface. For users, it takes just a few clicks to access the unique referral links. Here is a simple description on how to get your referral links.

Step 1: Login to your Dashboard and Click on Referral

Click on the drop down arrow on your profile and click on Referral.

Click Referral on your Dashboard

The available links on the next interface are your referral links. Copy them and forward as Email or to Facebook and via Twitter.

Copy and Paste your referral link

What are you waiting for? Begin today! Build your network and grow your net-worth.