When it comes to earning on cryptocurrency exchanges ,it is honestly very limited to a few workable options. Many a times, the compensation plans for trading with major exchanges currently available are just mere hypes. Most often than not, these hypes are not executable.

Bitmama has made it very possible to effectively earn on the platform. She brings to the table, certain achievable and workable strategies to help her customers earn from active participation on the platform.

There are a lot of interesting ways of earning bitcoins from Bitmama - the most unique exchange platform in the whole of West Africa. In a bid to show appreciation to our customers, we have created models by which they can both earn and get their earnings delivered promptly.

Earning Opportunities With Bitmama

Bitmama has made available two major ways through which all customers can be duly rewarded for their loyalty. The first is through Referrals (Referrals Forever) and the next is through Trading Partnership (Loyalty Rewards).

Referrals Forever

Bitmama makes it possible for customers to profit from their efforts at getting others to join the platform. The idea is to reward all those who play a role in sending out a good word about the Bitmama exchange.

Most top exchanges have adopted this means to drive influx of participants and traders. But with Bitmama, after every sign-up, the referrer stands a chance to be rewarded if the new sign-up party initiates a sell order on bitmama.

Note that this offer works particularly for sell orders and not for buy orders!

The rewards are calculated immediately and the referrer gets credited with 0.1% of all profits raised from sales. Interestingly, it is a system that rewards the earner for life. That is why it is called Referrer Forever.

Here is a little Illustration;

Assuming that your friend sells 1Btc, that gives you a reward of 0.001Btc as profit from the successful sell order. Since your friend who initiated the sell order actually joined the platform through your referral code, then at the conclusion of the deal, you would have already earned yourself a whooping 0.001Btc. imagine getting this passive income for say 20 times in a month - thats about 0.02Btc monthly. Finally, note this reward is given to you for life. You can't beat that!

Trading Partnership (Loyalty Rewards)

This is a structure that offers the trader (seller) a great opportunity to make some good fortune on all sales. So here is the catch, get to trade (sell) a minimum of 1BTC on the Exchange platform and with a monthly consistency, and be sure to earn 25% of profits on the total monthly trade cycle between you and the exchange.