Trading Bitcoin gives a lot of worries. The first is getting your bitcoin at affordable rates, then ensuring you're trading on a platform that keeps your funds safe and secure; and then knowing your way around bitcoin trading as a beginner. If you're having any worries, you could relax now as Bitmama got you covered.

Bitmama was launched to create a safe, secure and easy way for everyone to trade Cryptocurrencies at a very affordable rate. Its interface is designed to enable every customer, whether you are a beginner or a pro, to navigate the platform easily to enable you start trading immediately, wherever you are.

The Bitmama platform can be easily navigated on your smartphone and PC conveniently, so wherever you are you can trade your bitcoin on the go. In addition, Bitmama offers one of the most affordable trading rates compared to several other alternatives.

How To Get Started

3 easy steps!

1. Open an account - It takes only a few seconds to get started.

2. Fund your wallet - You can do this using card payment or bank transfer.

2. Start Buying and Selling - You're ready to begin trading Cryptocurrency at the juiciest rates ever!!! Yes, it's that easy!

Amazing Features on the Bitmama Platform:

- Manage your portfolio: Bitmama offers you the opportunity of trading multiple Cryptocurrencies and keeping track of all of them all in one place!

- Recurring Buys: On the Bitmama platform you can invest in Cryptocurrency gradually by scheduling a buying timeline - Daily, Weekly or Monthly over a period of time.

- Mobile App: Carry on with trading on the go with the Bitmama Mobile App for Android.

- Peer-to-Peer Trading: You can make Bitcoin deposits and trade with your friends and other Bitmama users with the peer-to-peer feature.

- Monitor Market Trends: Our safe and secure app enables you to stay on top of trends and monitor market rates in real-time.

So, go on! Buy. Sell. Trade without hassles at affordable rates, we've got you covered! Download the app here.

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